Terms and conditions of use

Terms and conditions of use

Article 1. Generalities 

1.1. The following terms and conditions will be applied to any contractual relationship between the following parties:

  • on one hand, the SARL The Effect Factory, owner of the online store, hereby called “The Effect Factory” ;
  • on the other hand, any person wanting to buy a product in the online store of The Effect Factory, hereby called “the Client”.

            1.2. The language of the contract is french.

            1.3. The Effect Factory reserves the right to modify these terms and conditions, particularly in case of an evolution of the law. In case of modification, the terms and conditions that will be applied will be the current ones at the time of the payment.

Article 2. Offer and acceptation 

2.1. The acceptation of the order will take place when the product is shipped.  The shipping will be followed by an e-mail informing the Client of the acceptation and of the shipping of the order. The confirmation e-mail of the order has consequently not the meaning of an acceptation ; it only means that the order has been taken into account.

2.2. In the event that a product is not available to sale, The Effect Factory commits to send immediately an e-mail to the Client. The Client will then have to choose, under 7 days,  between waiting for the product to be back, to substitute the product by another product of equivalent price, or to obtain a refund.

Article 3. Refusal of an order 

3.1. The Effect  Factory reserves the right, according to the article L. 112-1 of the french code de la consommation, to refuse any abnormal order or any order made in bad faith.

            3.2. The Effect Factory will reject any order from a Client with whom a dispute over the payment of a previous order exists.

Article 4. Payment 

4.1. Payment is made in euros.

4.2. The price that will be applied to any order is the current price at the time of the payment of the order by the Client.

4.3. Payments can be made by :

  • Visa ;
  • Mastercard ;
  • PayPal.

4.4. An order will only be accepted by The Effect Factory after reception of the payment.

Article 5. Shipping 

5.1. Concerned countries 

5.1.1. The Effect Factory ships in mainland France, and offers international shipping.

5.1.2. Concerning international shipping, The Effect Factory ships to all countries listed in

5.1.3. The delivery times mentionned in article 5.2.2. for mainland France as well as for international shipping are only for your information. Those times only reflect the commitment of the carrying contractor and The Effect Factory can’t be hold responsible if they are not respected.

5.2. Shipping fees 

5.2.1. The shipping fees includes (i) the preparation of the product, (ii) the wrapping and (iii) the delivery.

5.2.2. In mainland France two types of shipping are possible: the standard delivery and the express delivery. The standard delivery (2 days) is handled by Colissimo. This shipping is free for every order of at least 150 euros. For any other situation, 10 euros will be charged. The express delivery (1 day) is handled by DHL. Amplifiers can only be shipped trough DHL. DHL delivering the product only to a person, it is important to be at home for the delivery. The shipping is 15 euros regardless of the product.

5.2.3. The international shipping is handled by UPS or La Poste. The shipping costs are detailed below : List of countries and prices for delivery with La Poste:

Zone 1: Germany, Netherlands, and Luxemburg. 12 euros

Zone 2: Great-Britain, Italy, Spain, Austria, Portugal and Switzerland. 15 euros

Zone 3: Denmark, Hungary, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Estonia, Letonia and Lithuania. 15 euros

Zone 4: Greece, Iceland, Finland, Norway, Sweden, and other countries from Europe. 18 euros

Zone 5: USA, Canada, China and Japan. 34 euros

Zone 6: Arica, Asia and Oceania. 42 euros List of countries and prices for delivery with UPS:

Zone 1: Germany, Great-Britain, Belgium, Spain, Italy and Netherlands. 24 euros

Zone 2: Austria, Danmark, Greece, Portugal and Ireland. 26 euros

Zone 3 : Finland and Sweden. 26 euros

Zone 4: Andorra, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland. 35 euros

Zone 5: Ivory Coast, DOM TOM and Morroco. 24 euros

Zone 6: Albania, Belorussia, Greenland, Iceland, Kosovo, Macedonia, Moldavia, Russia, Serbia and Ukraine. 35euros

Zone 7: USA. 22 euros

Zone 8: Canada, Mexico, Porto Rico. 22 euros

Zone 9 :South Africa, Bahamas, China, South Korea, Dominican Republic, Hong-Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, Thailand and Turkey. 32 euros

Zone 10: Rest of Asia. 34 euros

Zone 11: South Africa and rest of Africa. 36 euros

Zone 12: Croatia, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia and Czech Republic. 32 euros

Zone 13: Bulgaria, Cyprius, Estonia, Letonia, Lithuania, Malta, Roumania. 32 euros

Article 6. Return right 

6.1. The Client has the right to cancel his order under 14 days, without having to give any reason. This time limit starts when the Client receives his product.

6.2. In order to return the product, the Client will have to send an e-mail to The Effect Factory ( to inform the later of the return. The Effect Factory will then send to the Client a return authorization form. The return will be considered as made when the Client sends, under 14 days, the product with the return authorization form completed to the following address:

The Effect Factory

23 rue Violet,

75015 Paris,


6.3. Any return due to the return right must be sent in a package including: the product, the original wrapping, the instructions, the bill and the customer return authorization form filled.

6.4. The return has for result that the parties must restitute their performances : the Client will send the product under 14 days, in the conditions of the article 6.2 and 6.3, and The Effect Factory will give the Client a full refund under 30 days after the reception and verification of the product.

6.5. The Effect Factory reserves the right to refuse any product that is not in its original state. This means that the product must have only been functionally verified ; in other terms, only a test of the product, similar to the one that could have been made in a store can be done. Any product that is not in its original state will be returned to the Client at its own expense, and no refunds will be made.

Article 7. Guarantee 

7.1. The Effect Factory can’t be hold responsible neither in case of wear of the product, neither in case of  bad working of the product due to its deterioration by the Client.

7.2. For all manufacturer issues, The Effect Factory applies a two year replacement warranty starting from the reception of the product by the client.

7.3. In order to benefit from the product warranty, the Client must keep the invoice.

7.4. The warranty does not apply on these cases:

  • in case of anormal use of the product. We advise you on this matter to read carefully the instructions of the product ;
  • in case any of the accessories breaks down (e.g. cable power) ;
  • in case the product has been opened and modified ;
  • in case the product breaks down because of an external cause.

Article 8. Disputes

8.1.  In case of disputes, the law that will be applied is the french law.

8.2. Only the french courthouses will be competent. 

Article 9. Integrity of the contract 

9.1. Any stipulation becoming void because of a change of law or precedent, will be considered as not written.

9.2. This will not change the validity of the others stipulations of the terms and conditions. 

Article 10. Electronic files and private life protection. 

10.1. The informations asked by The Effect Factory are necessary to process your order.

10.2. In order to respect your private life, the information transmitted will never be sold, or rented to other societies or organisms, in accordance with the french law “informatique et libertés” n° 78-17 of the january 6th 1978.

10.3. The number of declaration of The Effect Factory to the CNIL is the following : n° 1651310.

10.4. In accordance with that same law, you have the right to modify and to delete the information that concerns you. You can use this right by writing to us at the address :

The Effect Factory

23 rue Violet,

75015 Paris,


(c) 2018 The Effect Factory – all rights reserved

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