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The original Chase Bliss Audio Warped HiFi pedal was originally conceived to replicate the way in which a warped vinyl record creates unpredictable variations in pitch and level


Warped Vinyl HiFi
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Chase Bliss Audio Warped Vinyl HiFi

The original Chase Bliss Audio Warped HiFi pedal was originally conceived to replicate the way in which a warped vinyl record creates unpredictable variations in pitch and level. The Warped Vinyl pedal went even further with this effect and offered unparalleled control over every aspect of the vibrato waves. The new Warped Vinyl HiFi takes this concept even further by providing a new LAG control for a lush chorus sound, along with a tone circuit with the potential to create a brighter and more ‘hi-fi’ tone. The additional HOLD footswitch also gives the ability to control the vibrato waves manually, giving you a direct connection with the modulation.

All Analogue

Chase Bliss Audio aimed to blend the high-quality and transparent sound of an all-analogue signal path with the control offered by a digital ‘brain’. In the Warped Vinyl HiFi pedal, the digital components integrate with the analogue signal path but don’t intervene directly. This gives the pedal the best of analogue and digital technologies, aiming to create a pristine signal with the ultimate level of control.

Ultimate Control

With so many controls, the Warped Vinyl HiFi can never be truly called a ‘simple’ pedal to use. However, the multitude of DIP switches are completely optional and Chase Bliss Audio even advises that you try using the pedal without the DIP switches before you really comprehend the top control functions. Without the DIP switches, this pedal can provide a lush chorus tone or a shimmery vibrato with control over every aspect of the tempo, wave type (both up and down), depth, mix, and volume. In this state, this pedal is still an adaptable effect that can achieve all manner of chorus/vibrato sounds.

Delving Deeper

The TONE/RAMP control is a master dial that controls all other parameters. The DIP switches on the side of the pedal let you decide which of these parameters fall under the control of the RAMP dial, and how their wave function operates. The expression pedal input can also be used in place of the RAMP dial to alter the pedal’s functions manually for direct live sound manipulation. These functions provide an incredible potential for experimentation and new sound creation.

MIDI Control & Parameters

Using an external Disaster Area Midi controler (sold separately) allows you to control every parameter of this pedal externally. This is made possible by the use of internal digital components and offers unprecedented control of the analogue signal path, along with the ability to store and access presets. The pedal also allows control over the tempo functions and has a HOLD control for a live manipulation of the effect waves.


Best Guitar Effects gave the Warped Vinyl MkII 5 stars:

“The Chase Bliss Audio Warped Vinyl MKII is still one of the best analog chorus/vibrato pedals ever created. This pedal outclasses nearly every other analog chorus/vibrato pedal that springs to mind when it comes to range of sounds, features, and overall tonal quality.”

To read the full extensive review, visit Best Guitar Effects.


    • Unparalleled control for an analogue signal guitar chorus/vibrato pedal
    • Based on the effect of a warped vinyl record, and an evolution of the previous Warped Vinyl pedals
    • Completely analogue guitar signal, modulated and controlled by digital components
    • New LAG knob for lush chorus tones, reduced noise, and potential for brighter sound
    • Expression/CV control over as many or as little of the parameters as you desire
    • True bypass with optional latching/momentary operation
    • Multiple DIP switches allows any parameter to be controlled by the RAMP dial or by the expression control
    • Endless room for experimentation and control, or can function without the DIP switches engaged as a more simple pedal effect
    • Powered by 9v DC power supply, center negative (not included)


    • Type: Vibrato/Chorus
    • Controls: Tone (ramp), Lag, Mix, RPM, ModuShape (Depth, Warp, 2x 3-way toggles), Tap/MIDI, Tap divisions
    • Mini Dip Switches:Connections: Instrument in, instrument out, EXP/CV, Tap/MIDI

        • Expression/Ramp Parameters: Lag, Mix, RPM, Depth, Bounce, Hold, MoToByp


        • Rise / Fall: Lag, Mix, RPM, Depth, Warp, Control, Division, Sweep


    • Bypass: True bypass – latching or momentary
    • Weight: 862 g
    • Dimensions: 15.2 x 17.8 x 25.4 cm
    • Power: 9v DC Center Negative Power Supply or 9 V Battery (not included)
    • Current Draw: 25mA

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